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Mas de Mousquety

155 Chemin de Mousquety

84800 L'Isle sur La Sorgue

This address lead to a path then first left at the stone 'Mas de Mousquety'.

After the gate first left to the parking lot or straight on to the courtyard.

Check in time at 5:00 pm / Check out at 11:00 am

​House guide

  1. Internet Network : Masmousquety Mot de passe : mousquety

  2. Operate Gate with digicode 1940 and top left button, with remote left button, from visiophone in the kitchen entrance right button with gate symbol.

  3. The padlock code from the gate giving access to the path along the banks of the Sorgue is 1940.

  4. To engage the alarm close all doors/windows from the main house, cottage and pool house then press a few seconds the top left button of the alarm control system next to the visiophone in the kitchen entrance. You have a few seconds to leave the house once the alarm is engaged. Turn off the alarm using the red transmitters on the set of keys. If the alarm goes on an operator will talk to you with the interphone on the buffet in the kitchen, give password Cesar to cancel alarm, password Baya to signal a danger. Emergency services will be on their way. You will find a SOS button on the interphone on the buffet in the kitchen entrance, pressing this button will call a security operator.

  5. To use projector in living room lower down the screen using the black remote with 3 button. Then use the little grey remote to navigate on top right to the 'source' symbol then select HDMI1. Then use larger black remote to turn on the TV box.

  6. Regarding the stove the right side is a gaz oven on the left an electrical oven. From the control panel of the gaz oven if the red diode is ON press the button above it.

  7. Turn on the sauna using the switcher on the left side of the heater from 1 to 4 to set 1 to 4 hours of heat. Sauna needs 30 minute to heat. Do not use water on the heater this is a dry sauna. 

  8. The rolling shutter of the pool can be open and close using the key on the right side of the pool technical room. Make sure nobody is using the pool when operating the rolling shutter. Do not modify the settings in pool tehcnical room.

  9. The master A/C switchers are in the bedroom with the bath at 1st floor, those 2 switchers need to be turn ON to activate A/C in the whole house.

  10. Regular bins can be thrown away using the containers at the end of chemin de Mousquety. Plastic and paper in the yellow bins and glass in the green bin in the containers opposite the 'Clinique Vétérinaire' on the way to L'isle sur la Sorgue. 

  11. Do not let the canoe by the banks of the river without attendance to avoid robberies !

  12. Do not seat on sofas and fabric chairs with wet swimsuit.

  13. Do not use cheminee and wooden stove in kitchen during summer. This can set a fire or destroy the A/C system. 

  14. It is strictly forbiden to make fire or to use a coal/wood barbecue in the area in summer. Not respecting this rule can lead to fire fighters call out and a significant fine. 

  15. Smoke inside the house is prohibited.

  16. Extinguishers can be found opposite the elevator on ground floor and 1st floor, and room behind the laundy room.

  17. Regarding neighborhood please do not make exessive noise after 10:30pm.

  18. In case of breakage, please inform us so we can plan replacement. ​

Have a great stay in Mas de Mousquety.


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